Clean Waters, Healthy Fish

Sept. 14, 2012

The Red River Valley is a vast, flat expanse of farmland and prairie, with the Red River flowing north through the middle. The river provides a beautiful array of forested oxbows and steep banks carving and weaving their way through the landscape. Considered by some the most intriguing feature in the area, though, is what lies below the water surface. The river is known as one of the nation’s premier fisheries for channel catfish, which can grow to more than 30 lbs and give even the most experienced fishermen a run for their money.

Protecting the channel catfish habitat is critical, and as with most bodies of water, storm water runoff poses both a threat and the challenge of keeping the waters clean. On a construction jobsite, the storm water inlet filter, along with a properly developed storm water pollution prevention plan, is the first line of defense against contamination. The problem is finding an effective media by which to achieve this.

Blocksom & Co.’s Inlet Filter device economically addresses the primary concerns associated with inlet filters. Typical internal-type filters provide no visual reference for maintenance and could fail if not properly maintained.

Blocksom has improved the surface-applied system by providing not only a media that is easy to inspect and clean, but also one that lets through enough water flow to allow drainage in heavy rain events. This has proved critical to the area, because when terrain is flat, a little water can go a long way. Installing this system in the Red River kept the waters clean and the fish biting.

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