EPA sources new administrator for the Office of Water

March 5, 2024
EPA is expected to appoint Bruno Piggot as the Office of Water's new acting assistant administrator.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has likely found its next Office of Water assistant administrator. 

According to an article from Politic's E&E News, EPA is likely to appoint Bruno Piggot, current principal deputy assistant administrator for the Office of Water, as the office’s new acting assistant administrator.

"The assistant administrator is an important leading role for EPA’s Office of Water," an article on WaterWorld's website reported. "The role acts as one of the agency’s main public-facing figures and as chief advisor to the EPA administrator and White House on the water sector.

Earlier this year, Radhika Fox announced her departure from the EPA, and her last day with the agency was Feb. 22. Fox has since joined Xylem as a senior advisor. According to E&E News, it is likely that Piggot's term will begin in March, though Pigott has already been seen acting as assistant administrator in EPA's official communications. For example, in a  Feb. 27 press release on WIFIA funding in California, the agency includes a quote from Piggot in the second paragraph and refers to him as acting assistant administrator for the Office of Water.

For the full press release, visit "EPA taps new administrator for the Office of Water," on the WaterWorld website.