Talking Under Water Episode 39: Seizing Water's Moment

April 16, 2021

In this month’s episode, the podcast hosts share two interviews regarding the current legislative landscape for water infrastructure priorities

In this episode of Talking Under Water, One Water, One Podcast, hosts Lauren Del Ciello, Katie Johns and Bob Crossen discuss how the recently announced American Jobs Plan may impact the water sector before diving into two industry expert interviews regarding the current legislative landscape for water infrastructure priorities.

The interviews this month are with Nathan Ohle, CEO for the Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP) and Shellie Chard, water quality division director for the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality. Ohle and Chard testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works March 17, highlighting the need for investment in water and infrastructure. Both represent different facets of the water industry yet stress the need for collaboration.

Show Notes:


  • Cold Open: (0:00)
  • This episode is sponsored by Central Life Sciences: (0:38)
  • Host introduction: (0:55)
  • The American Jobs Plan as it relates to one water: (1:10)
  • Introducing Nathan Ohle interview: (3:54)
    • What is RCAP?: (5:34)
    • Handling growth during a time of increased public awareness: (6:49)
    • The challenges rural and tribal communities face: (7:33)
    • Understanding the volume of small community water systems in the U.S.: (9:27)
    • Testifying for the Senate EPW Committee & the future of water: (12:19)
    • The importance of low-income protections for water access: (14:35)
    • How to be a champion for change in the industry:(16:58)
  • Introducing Shellie Chard interview: (20:43)
    • Gauging the climate on water infrastructure in Washington, D.C.: (21:34)
    • The three greatest priorities for water in discussions in D.C.: (25:53)
    • A fourth bonus priority for water: (29:45)
    • The emphasis on funding and financing programs in the AJP proposal: (31:59)
    • How to communicate water’s value to Congressional leaders: (38:11)
    • The importance of the volume of voices calling Congressional leaders: (43:03)
    • How can we create a unified message on water nation-wide?: (43:57)
  • Housekeeping: (48:51)
  • End: (51:22)


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