Lincoln Street Boat Launch & Stormwater Improvements

Nov. 30, 2022

The Challenge

The Lincoln Street Hand-carry Boat Launch in Westbrook, Maine, sits just above the Saccarappa Falls and provides direct access to more than five miles of the Presumpscot River for hand-carry crafts. The park containing the boat launch also includes an outdoor rink, a parking lot and an access path connecting the lot to the boat launch.

Stormwater runoff from Lincoln Street regularly puddled in the parking lot and carried pollutants into the river, eroding both the access path’s surface and the boat launch’s slopes, decreasing the area’s accessibility, usability and safety for the general public.

The Solution

The City of Westbrook partnered with Ferguson Waterworks to develop a plan to mitigate stormwater effects on the park. The city intended to create a permeable paver parking lot for shared use with the outdoor rink and stabilize both the boat launch and the path to afford better vehicular access, reduce erosion and improve drainage.

Ferguson Waterworks provided concept plans for the parking lot that extended to the access path and boat launch. Ferguson associates collaborated with city staff through the plan refinement and permitting stages, contributing an extensive knowledge-base of local regulations and green infrastructure design to streamline the process. The Ferguson team engaged with local resources to find a site-work contractor to complete the project.

The Resolution

The contractor, Dearborn Brothers Construction, installed permeable pavers with a stone base and underdrain in the areas designated for parking spaces and conventional pavement in the drive aisles. In lieu of paint, parking lines were delineated using different-colored Ecoraster Bloxx paver inserts.

The access drive path leading to the boat launch used Ecoraster E40 pavers with stone infill to create a permeable but stable surface for pedestrians and vehicles. The boat launch slope was regraded and stabilized using Shoreblock Articulated Concrete Blocks to minimize erosion and create a stable smooth approach for paddlers