Advanced Drainage Systems Joins Forces with The Recycling Partnership To Help Create a Sustainable Future

June 11, 2021

Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc., has joined The Recycling Partnership and its Polypropylene Recycling Coalition.


Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc., has joined The Recycling Partnership and its Polypropylene Recycling Coalition to advance the company’s commitment to developing innovative solutions that promote environmental stewardship by protecting water and keeping millions of pounds of plastic out of landfills each year. 

According to the press release, ADS recycles more than 550 million pounds of plastic and avoids 730 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions every year. ADS converts plastic from curbside recycling into pellets that are extruded into pipe designed to last up to 100 years, extending the lifecycle of plastic and eliminating waste. 

“ADS is proud to establish relationships with organizations that recognize the important role water and recycling play in improving the quality of life,” said EVP of Marketing and Product Management for ADS Brian King, according to the press release. “This partnership continues ADS’ work in creating and sustaining positive social change through a circular economy. The Recycling Partnership and ADS have the same goal: to care for the environment and communities.” 

The Recycling Partnership is a national nonprofit organization that engages the full recycling supply chain to create meaningful social, environmental and economic change by providing tools, resources and technical support and investing in recycling infrastructure. The Polypropylene Recycling Coalition is focused on increasing access for people to recycle polypropylene through curbside recycling programs, ensuring more recycling processing facilities can sort the material successfully, and stimulating a robust end-market of high-quality recycled polypropylene for reuse in packaging.

“We are delighted to have ADS as our newest corporate partner,” said Senior VP of Corporate Engagement for The Recycling Partnership Beth Schmitt in the press release. “We appreciate their advocacy and support for our mission and believe we will do great things together to positively impact our environment.”