On-Demand: Sustainable Water Compliance Summit Hosted by AQUALIS

June 21, 2021

AQUALIS’ exclusive cross-sector water resource management summit is now on-demand!

Hosted by AQUALIS, this interactive and educational virtual summit includes multiple continuing education opportunities, enlightening plenary discussions, and active audience participation to help drive awareness and action to improve local, regional, and national stormwater and wastewater management as well as our waterways. Learn from industry leaders including keynote speaker Dr. Sylvia Hood Washington, an accomplished environmental epidemiologist, environmental engineer, and environmental historian. This is a complimentary event with up to four hours of free CEU credits, offering two tracks in Smart Water Planning and Technology or Green Design, Infrastructure and flood management!

Join industry regulators, influencers, and company compliance leaders at this cross-sector water resource management summit! Learn about an array of topics, including:

  • Preventative and corrective best management practices for stormwater and sanitary assets, including identifying aboveground and belowground deficiencies to ensure system functionality and optimizing asset investment.
  • Addressing current and future climate risks, including the most recent hurricane season, plummeting temperatures in the Southeast, increasing rain events, and how vulnerable our water infrastructure is to catastrophe.
  • Advancements in Smart Water technology, including how businesses and municipalities using data to make improvements to their water infrastructure, enhancing rehabilitation budget projections, and mitigating flooding risks in their communities.
  • Looking ahead to regulation changes and impacts on the water sector from federal, state, and local authorities, including how local municipalities and businesses adapt and implement these compliance changes.

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