Advanced Drainage Systems Announces EcoPure BioFilter Urban Storm Water Management Solution

Nov. 12, 2021

Advanced Drainage Systems has announced its new EcoPure BioFilter storm water unit.


Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. a leading provider of innovative water management solutions, released the EcoPure BioFilter urban storm water management solution in response to increased storm water runoff as a result of impervious surfaces associated with accelerated urbanization.

EcoPure BioFilter is engineered for low-impact developments (LID) and green infrastructure projects requiring design flexibility, application of diverse plant life and hassle-free installation and maintenance. The device, which is available is multiple sizes ranging from 4 feet by 8 feet (smallest) to 10 feet by 20 feet (largest), is appropriate for new construction and retrofit commercial jobs.

EcoPure BioFilter is a NJCAT-NJDEP approved green infrastructure solution that provides engineers with a high-quality, reliable and locally supported product. It can be easily configured to fit curb inlet, direct-pipe connection and roof drains. The device arrives on site ready to be installed. Its innovative design delivers a water flow-rate advantage of 60 gallons per minute compared to similar available options that handle 45 gallons per minute. In some instances, fewer systems may be needed because of EcoPure BioFilter’s capability to handle more water. 

Independent third-party testing calculated that the EcoPure BioFilter removes 85% of total suspended solids and 70% of dissolved phosphorus. It is a maintainable system with access to eradicate accumulated pollutants multiple times before needing to replace plant life. EcoPure BioFilter’s modern engineering combined with Advanced Drainage Systems’ commitment to quality equate to a 100% longer lifespan projection than comparable products.

“Green infrastructure isn't just a trend; it is a reimagination of the design process that is going to have a lasting impact on urban improvement projects," said Brian King, executive vice president of product management, marketing and sustainability of ADS. "Successful low-impact developments will feature solutions customized to the unique needs of each project, local aesthetics and geographic climate zone. This doesn’t need to translate into a complex or lengthy process; rather, it can be a seamless experience with the quality and performance benefits of the EcoPure BioFilter alongside the water quality expertise and local support of ADS.”

Advanced Drainage Systems provides various levels of training for engineers specifying and contractors using the EcoPure BioFilter. Local product specialists will be on-site as necessary to ensure frictionless installation. The company maintains thousands of relationships with municipalities in support of a wide range of storm water projects.