LAX Benefits from Storm Water Management Efforts

Sept. 7, 2021

This case study originally appeared in SWS September 2021 issue as "LAX Benefits from Storm Water Management Efforts"

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The initial phase of a $5.5 billion transportation improvement initiative at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) showcases Oldcastle Infrastructure’s storm water management products. Key to the sustainability and effectiveness of Intermodal Transportation Facility-West, a new parking structure deemed the face of LAX, is the Oldcastle Infrastructure StormCapture detention system. This system and accompanying products provided an efficient on-site solution to facilitate storm water drainage and treatment.

“With StormCapture, we’re providing a storm water solution that will be effective for decades,” said Brent Neubauer, director of storm water product management for Oldcastle. “We’re proud to have created the ideal solution for a complicated, critical component of the LAX of the future.”

The ITF-West parking structure is part of the LAX transformation referred to as Landslide Access Modernization Program (LAMP), led by San Francisco-based Swinerton. By 2023, ITF-West will connect to the new Automated People Mover (APM) train system via two pedestrian bridges. It will create a hub where passengers can be dropped off, picked up or park and ride the APM directly to terminals.

The combined expertise of Oldcastle and KPFF Consulting Engineers led to the installation of StormCapture to provide maximum storage capacity under the new parking structure.

This installation came with challenges:

  • Site constraints and structural design parameters limited product options;
  • The constraints of the overall project meant StormCapture needed to be installed on a tight timeline;
  • The cistern’s location created size constraints for StormCapture and;
  • The final storage solution had to meet the stringent requirements of the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation and Department of Building and Safety.

Oldcastle and KPFF designed a custom storm water management system and long-term storage solution that fit all parameters of the project with StormCapture, Dual-Vortex Separator and MaxWell drywells — all installed under the ITF-West building footprint.

Oldcastle’s ability to innovate is highlighted in the installation of Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP) in place of vaults to accommodate size constraints. From custom manufacturing to its fast installation process and minimal handling, StormCapture added a valued solution that met the project’s tight scheduling deadlines.

This project has resulted in a number of benefits, including:

  • Structural superiority. The ITF-West installation highlights StormCapture’s efficiency. With a large storage capacity that requires no concrete footing, StormCapture, integrated with other Oldcastle products, provides a reliable storm water management system.
  • Future-proof solution. Installed at a lifetime cost, StormCapture is a storm water management product made to provide a long-term quality solution.