Chamber System Installed in Houston

Aug. 25, 2014

After many two- and three-layer installations, Hydrologic Solutions recently installed its first four-layer system in Houston for a self-storage facility. During installation, a manufacturer’s representative was heavily involved in the project to ensure quality control. With this four-layer installation, little area was available to accommodate an approximately 25,000-cu-ft retention system. 

The engineer and owner were looking at concrete vaults and large-diameter pipe, but had to seek out a lower-cost solution. Construction EcoServices, the local StormChamber distributor, was able to document, from independent testing data and existing three-layer systems, that the four-layered StormChamber system would exceed the loading requirements and was less expensive. The system also offered easy inspection and cleanout, making it an ideal option for this site. 

Not only was it less expensive than a concrete vault, but it also was able to fit within the small footprint because it could be placed in four layers. This was possible only because the system is capable of supporting more than four times the H-20 wheel load rating (more than 32,000 lb per sq ft), as documented by independent laboratory testing. The system was able to accommodate the required 25,000 cu ft of storage within a 126-by-33-ft area (4,158 sq ft total).

Download: Here