Ice Arena Sees Cool Advantage to Underground Detention

Sept. 4, 2013

With construction of the Pegula Ice Arena on Pennsylvania State University’s campus in State College, Pa., came the requirement for a 1-million-gal underground water detention system, designed to control runoff from the new arena. Installation under the adjacent outdoor recreational facilities demanded watertight joints throughout the entire system to prevent sinkholes from forming. As with many university construction sites, fast installation with limited disturbance to the environment was a requirement. The staff at By-Crete partnered with Concrete Sealants Inc. of New Carlisle, Ohio, to create a sealing system with a watertight guarantee.

By-Crete of Lebanon, Pa., was selected to deliver 252 sections of precast concrete box culvert, which was the best solution considering precast’s ability to minimize site disturbance and allow for a quick installation. By-Crete elected to use a system of ConSeal products: CS-1500 elastomeric caulk to adhere CS-102 butyl rubber sealant and CS-231 controlled expansion waterstop to the castings, in advance of delivery to the jobsite. This allowed for even faster installation of the precast sections upon arrival at the jobsite. With CS-102 and CS-231 firmly applied to the concrete, By-Crete transported the installation-ready product more than 100 miles to the jobsite for a fast, easy and successful assembly. As a final measure, ConSeal’s CS-1500 was troweled into each interior joint. After the CS-1500 fully cured, a watertight performance test filled the entire system with 1 million gal of water. At the conclusion of a 48-hour period, zero water loss confirmed the system’s watertight conformance on the first attempt. 

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