Heavy Duty Drainage Pumps Rescue Stormwater Flooded Quarry

Feb. 21, 2003

Pumping around the clock at 10,000 gpm, two 94hp submersible, portable dewatering pumps manufactured by Pumpex, Inc. of Somerville, N.J., drained turbulent, overflowing stormwater to save a limestone quarry from extensive equipment damages and potential profit loss caused by severe flooding.

Workers brought in the Pumpex PX30N drainage pump because of its ability to handle massive pumping volumes, and also because it offered relatively easy on-site installation. The thermal overload and leakage protection monitors would be able to provide continuous, problem-free pumping. A 10-in. output discharge facilitated the movement of massive amounts of water.

Fast response to the flood was critical. Service provider Midwest Pump Service and Sales, Inc. of Milwaukee evaluated the flooded site, quickly secured the two PX30N pumps that were in-stock at the manufacturer's warehouse in New Jersey, and installed the pumps. The efficient interaction between manufacturer and on-site emergency crew enabled the quarry site to resume crushing dry limestone directly.

According to Rory Ott, president of Midwest Pump, Pumpex pumps were chosen for their ability to handle large flow volume, and the fast response, stock-to-delivery capability. He also added that he knew first-hand of the Pumpex reputation for ease of operation and reliability from other Pumpex drainage pumps he had previously used on other sites.

Pumpex offers a complete line of portable, submersible, drainage and contractor pumps with varying head, flow and horsepower configurations for emergency and/or site-specific use.