Bus Station Adds Improved Drainage

Aug. 25, 2014

Hydrotec trench drains were a key feature in a new bus station in Middletown, Conn. In the fall of 2013, the distributor contacted Sigma to request 12-in., Class F Hydrotec trench drains with double catch basins, one of which was 6 ft 7 in. deep. These models are not routinely inventoried, and the customer needed them in seven weeks’ time. 

Working with the foundry, Sigma was able to produce and deliver the items within the deadline. “One benefit of Hydrotec is the ease of installation,” said Mike Roy, Sigma territory sales manager. Hydrotec can be installed without devices such as cradles and rebars, reducing installation time. The trenches are placed in the ground and concrete is poured around them. 

In Middletown, each length of Hydrotec was 1 meter and weighed about 435 lb. Despite their size and weight, each piece only took about 15 minutes to install. “That’s a huge benefit when you are talking about the costs associated with the time spent on a project,” Roy said. Sigma staff worked to ensure that the specs and deadline were on target as the project moved toward completion. 

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