Smart Infiltration at College

March 29, 2013

As Waubonsee Community College student enrollment was increasing, the school needed to expand its student and staff parking lots to allow room for additional parking. With the construction of the new parking lots, the college needed to manage the storm water runoff on site.

The college also wanted to utilize permeable pavers in the parking lots instead of the traditional blacktop and incorporate biofiltration strips in the middle of the lots.

StormTrap’s storm water infiltration systems were chosen for the east and north parking lots on the campus for their ability to easily integrate the permeable pavers. The systems were set on a stone base and designed to allow the storm water runoff to infiltrate through the roof by providing a 1/4- to 1/2-in. gap between the precast concrete units. A geotextile filter fabric was placed on top of both systems to prevent silt and sediment from entering the systems. The systems were backfilled and the permeable pavers were set in place.   

The storm water runoff collects in the systems and infiltrates into the ground. The runoff that does not infiltrate through the pavers collects in the bioswales that are tied to the systems by catch basins.

The storm water infiltration systems provided the college with a solution that allowed it to easily integrate permeable pavers while meeting the storm water management requirements.