New portal transforms porous pavement projects

Sept. 19, 2023

Determine the best porous pavement option for your project’s site conditions and expected use with the new Presto Geo P3 project planning portal.

Presto Geo P3 is a free, web-based suite of geotechnical calculation tools designed to support engineers, contractors, landscape architects, and project owners in completing value engineering evaluations using geocells, porous pavements and construction mats.

Porous pavements come in two varieties: grass and stone surfaces, with the selection dictated by project requirements. If your project calls for a grass surface, the Presto Geo P3 portal provides calculations for GEOBLOCK Grass Pavers or the GEOWEB System (geocells). If a stone surface is needed, the portal gives calculations for GEOPAVE Gravel Pavers or the GEOWEB Soil Stabilization System.

Based on a few simple input parameters, including loading conditions and soil information, the software displays a

full cross-section and specifies all infill and base materials. For gravel pavements, the tool calculates the available stormwater retention depth. If a certain storage depth is required, additional base material can be added.

The suite of geotechnical calculation tools helps to complete evaluations using geocells, porous pavements and construction mats.

Presto Geo P3 offers:

  • Calculations for soil stabilization: unpaved, flexible pavements and rigid pavements; porous pavements: vegetated and aggregate surfaces (rigid and flexible); and site access: access roads
  • A personalized dashboard for efficient organization of your projects and associated calculations
  • Detailed calculation output with customizable fields for your project/firm/ client’s name, a summary of input parameters and calculation results, and cross- sectional graphics illustrating user-selected layer thicknesses and material types

Resource Library

Presto Geo P3 also serves as a comprehensive resource hub. With access to a vast library of technical documents and product resources, you can deepen your industry knowledge, stay up-to-date with the latest product advancements, and make more informed decisions when it comes to your projects.

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