ClockSpring|NRI announces new name: Critica Infrastructure

Feb. 1, 2023
Working to extend the life of critical infrastructure assets, the company says its new brand and logo is meant to better reflect the industries it serves.

ClockSpring|NRI, a portfolio company of Wind Point Partners, announced a new corporate brand name and logo for the company: Critica™ Infrastructure.

“As the company has continued to grow, both organically and through acquisitions, a new corporate brand and logo were necessary to better reflect the diverse industries we serve, including energy, water, storm and sanitation systems, buildings and transportation,” says Frank Firsching, CEO of Critica Infrastructure.

Critical infrastructure assets are increasingly operating beyond their original design life. Critica Infrastructure’s solutions, including associated engineering support and training services, works to extends the life of assets through its engineered composites, insertion valves, geopolymer materials, and fiber-reinforced polymer solutions.

“Critica Infrastructure is comprised of four business unit brands — AVT Insertion Valves, CSNRI Composites, Fyfe FRP, and GeoTree Solutions — which will continue to operate under these brands to engage customers and business partners,” said Vikki Dunn, Chief Marketing Officer of Critica Infrastructure.

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