Foley, Alabama, looks to expand stormwater management program

May 9, 2024
The City of Foley, Alabama voted to apply for a grant to improve its stormwater management plan.

The city of Foley, Alabama, is looking to expand its stormwater management program with a new plan that would improve drainage and reduce storm damage along the Bon Secour River.

The City Council voted on March 18, 2024, to apply for a grant from the Alabama Coastal Management Program that would help pay for the cost to develop a stormwater management plan for the Bon Secour River.

Foley Environmental Director Leslie Gahagan stated in a press release that management plans are already improving stormwater management in other areas of the city.

“A portion of the Beulah Heights area has a stormwater plan,” said Gahagan in the release.

“We’re underway with the Magnolia River. We’d like to apply for some funding to start with the Bon Secour River. This would be a stormwater management plan working with our existing infrastructure, seeing where we might have priority projects to fund in the future,” said Gahagan.

Drainage was improved on Wolf Creek after flooding from heavy rains washed out a portion of South Pecan Street in 2014 in the Beulah Heights community. The roadway was rebuilt with improvements and better standards.

The city of Foley began working to clear debris and improve drainage of the bon Secour River in 2023.

Gahagan stated that the stormwater management plan would help identify future projects, like public works drainage improvements.