California releases benefit cost-analysis for the Delta Conveyance

May 22, 2024
The California DWR released a benefit cost-analysis for the Delta Conveyance highlighting long term savings with the project.

The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) released a benefit-cost analysis for the Delta Conveyance Project that finds the infrastructure modernization project would create billions of dollars in benefits for California, according to a press release.

The benefits include reliable water supplies, climate change adaptation, earthquake preparedness and improved water quality.

The press release states that for every $1 spent, $2.20 in benefits would be generated. The report also shows the cost of doing nothing, posing significant future challenges to supplying water to California’s communities.

“The Delta Conveyance Project passes the benefit-cost test readily, with benefits that are more than double the cost,” said Dr. David Sunding, Emeritus Professor, UC Berkeley, who led the benefit-cost analysis, in the press release. “The project enables ongoing demands to be satisfied and water supply reliability to be maintained.”

The new cost analysis provides a compelling financial rationale for the public water agencies funding the project to be able to continue to provide affordable, safe, clean and reliable water supply.

Even though California had a wet winter, fishery-related regulations significantly impacted water exports from the south delta. If the Delta Conveyance Project had been available, an additional 909,000 acre-feet of water could have been moved from the intakes in the north delta where it’s safer for fish.