Plastics Pipe Institute announces new board of directors

June 24, 2024
The Plastics Pipe Institute (PPI) has announced its new board of directors.

The Plastics Pipe Institute (PPI) announced its new board of directors, effective June 1, 2024.

“Our board has always exemplified the depth of experience and knowledge that members have counted on within our association,” stated David M. Fink, president of PPI in a press release.

“There are certainly new positive challenges within our industry and association including how to manage the growth in the use of plastic pipe, and how to accommodate new members. We had record attendance at our past three membership meetings. I am confident that this new slate of directors will enable PPI to satisfy those requirements, and I thank them in advance for their service to PPI and the industry,” said Fink.

The returning board members include:

  • Gary Morgan of Borealis, Chair
  • Jim Johnston of McElroy Manufacturing, Vice Chair
  • Doug Keller of LyondellBasell, Past Chair
  • Kate Olinger of Uponor, Treasurer
  • Dell Doyle of Dow Chemical Company, Advisory Council Representative
  • David M. Fink, PPI staff representative

Members of the board serve for two years, and then move up to the next position. The chairs of each PPI division have a seat on the board.

Joining the PPI board in 2024 are:

  • Bill Melvin of Legend Valve, Building & Construction Division Chair
  • Craig Douglass of Fratco, Drainage Division Chair
  • Mike Leathers of Pipeline Plastics, Energy Piping Systems Division Chair
  • Heath Casteel of Performance Pipe, Municipal & Industrial Division Chair
  • Christian Herrild of Teel Plastics, Power & Communications Division Chair

PPI Chair Morgan, who has actively participated in PPI activities during the past 22 years, has a divers background in the plastics industry.

He began his plastics career designing extrusion equipment for 15 years followed by managing the R&D department for a major PEX tubing manufacturer. Morgan’s experiences also include roles in quality assurance and managing plumbing codes and standards before taking the role of application development engineer for Borealis Compounds Inc., where he works today.

“I’ve witnessed in the past fiver to seven years, PPI working more hand-in-hand with other plastics-based trade associations to build synergies between different organizations to overall promote the plastics pipe industry,” said Morgan in the press release.

“I think the other big thing that has evolved at PPI during the last decade is that each division has a management committee, which also allows for prompt decision-making. Each division having a very well-established management committee has also helped the overall success of PPI,” said Morgan.