Washington communities to receive $309 million in clean water funding

July 11, 2024
$309 million in clean water funding will support 136 projects across Washington state.

The Washington Department of Ecology announced $309 million in grant and loan funding for the state.

The funding, announced June 28, 2024, will support 136 projects across the state, including everything from stream restoration on the Touchet River near Prescott to engineered wetlands providing stormwater treatment in Ferndale.

Washington’s clean water funding is a mix of state and federal funds. This includes approximately $40 million from the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) to assist small and disadvantaged communities and address emerging contaminants.

Ecology is offering $37.5 million for 41 stormwater-related projects. Proposed work includes plans, designs, and construction to manage and reduce stormwater pollution.

The Port of Everett is receiving a $255,000 grant to improve water quality in the East Waterway of Port Gardner Bay with the installation of a modular wetland linear system. This system can reduce the amount of copper, zinc, phosphorus, oils and other pollutants that make it into the water.

The city of Vancouver will receive $379,306 to support their Evergreen High School stormwater improvement design project. The grant will help fund stormwater retrofit designs to bring stormwater treatment to more than nine acres of parking lots currently without treatment. The city plans to address zinc, copper, 6PPD-quinone, bacteria and other pollutants with these improvements.

In January 2024, Ecology shared a draft list of projects to fund. Due to changes in loan funding availability, the final offer list is reduced from $386 to $309 million. At the same time, due to some entities declining Ecology’s funding and other adjustments, Ecology can now support 136 priority projects instead of the 134 originally planned.