Trench Drains Meet Auto Factory Demands With Efficiency

Sept. 7, 2016

An international automobile manufacturer installed Hydrotec trench drains in three of its U.S. factories. The Maxi 100 Class D model met the manufacturer’s job specifications and provided the required load rating, while also providing the service, efficiency and performance the manufacturer sought.

Each factory presented one key challenge: The product had to be delivered and installed within a precise time frame. Each July, the automobile plants close for maintenance and infrastructure upgrades, so the work needed to be completed in time for the factories to be up and running by the end of the month. 

In 2015, Sigma delivered and installed the trench drains in the manufacturer’s Kentucky facility. Because the customer was pleased with the results, it placed orders for work to be completed on two additional U.S. factories in 2016.

The trench drain’s ease of installation makes it an attractive option for customers. The channels are placed in the ground and concrete is poured around them. Because of this simple process, each piece takes only minutes to install, which provides time and cost savings. Because of the auto manufacturer’s maintenance and manufacturing schedule, this feature was critical. Based on the positive experience with regard to quality, service, efficiency and performance, the customer is replacing its trench drains with Hydrotec.