Permeable Surface Preserves Scenery at New York National Park

Sept. 7, 2016

The Hudson River Valley in New York state is known for its bucolic environment, natural beauty and quaint villages along the ancient waterway. In the village of Hastings-on-Hudson, Old Croton Aqueduct National Park is a favorite destination of area residents who enjoy the walking trails along the river. 

A recent project by the architectural firm Baldwin & Franklin featured three residences on a shared lot across from the trail. An area was needed for off-street parking for up to seven vehicles. The planning board wanted assurance that whatever was used to create the diagonally shaped parking area would blend well with the natural surroundings, not detract from the Aqueduct Trailway, and allow water to infiltrate, rather than run off, the adjacent waterway. 

Ned Baldwin, senior partner with the firm, proposed using Soil Retention’s Drivable Grass, which helped the project gain the approval of the planning board. 

“The grass we planted over it turned green in less than three weeks, which was very encouraging, but the winter was the most severe we’ve had in 15 years, with as much as 30 in. of snowfall at one time," Baldwin said. "Despite that terrible winter so soon after its installation, it continues to thrive.

“It’s a miracle product to us, because it really works. It’s amazing how the grass has held despite daily use by the homeowners. By not eliminating any more green areas than necessary, we’ve added to the park-like setting and created a beautiful win-win with our project,” he said.