Auto Manufacturer Replaces Outdated Trench Drains

Aug. 27, 2015

A top-five auto manufacturer in the Midwest needed to replace its existing outdated trench drain system. Working closely with the manufacturer, a Sigma distributor installed 300 ln ft of Hydrotec’s MAXI 100 Load Class F trench drain channels in June 2015.

Significant strength was required for this installation, as cars will roll off the production line, over the trench drain system and onto the forecourt for storage. The manufacturer selected the Hydrotec MAXI 100 Load Class F because of its robust load capacity; the concrete system has a load capacity of up to 202,320 lb per ft, per DIN Class F. 

“Our distributor worked with the onsite contractor to install a 0.5% sloped system, which included catch basins and debris baskets,” said Eric Moisa, Sigma’s national product manager for trench drain solutions. “Installation involved a series of uncomplicated processes: The installer cuts a trench, lays the concrete base, lays the channels out male to female, and then does a second pour of concrete up the sides. The system was installed on time and is performing to expectations.”

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