Cities Reduce Infrastructure Coverings Theft

March 29, 2013

For municipalities across the country, theft of unsecured cast iron and steel infrastructure coverings can create potential safety hazards in vehicle or pedestrian traffic ways. Manhole covers and catch basin grates are stolen for scrap, and major cities like Houston and Detroit sought a remedy. 

EJ worked closely with the city of Detroit Water & Sewerage Department to develop the company’s 5000 Series hinged catch basin inlet units. The heavy duty assemblies are not just hinged, but also incorporate a bolted Eon Lock design to help limit unauthorized access and theft. In addition to cost savings of reduced theft, the city found the hinged operation to be ergonomically preferable versus complete grate removal, as well as a time-saver. Effective locking was achieved with only one bolt instead of four. Occupational safety and labor costs were reduced for handling, installation and maintenance access.

In Houston in 2011, the problem with stolen inlet grates had escalated to an all-time high and posed serious safety issues. EJ offered an inlet grate for the city of Houston Public Works & Engineering–Streets & Drainage Div. with a locking mechanism to allow crews quick access for routine maintenance. 




May 29, 2018