Storm Water Storage System Aids in Water Shortage Challenges

Sept. 7, 2021

This case study originally appeared in SWS September 2021 issue as "Storm Water Storage System Aids in Water Shortage Challenges"

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California’s persistent drought and extreme heat has led state and local governments to look toward storm water capture and infiltration as an essential part of solving the water shortage challenge. Growing public support for funding of this effort resulted in the passing of Measure W, a property tax assessment, in Los Angeles County, which is projected to raise $300 million dollars per year dedicated to storm water projects. Los Angeles County Department of Public Works approved Pre-Con Products’ StormPrism EQ for Gates Canyon Park to meet the need. The project required 3.5 acres of water storage with up to 14 feet of fill on the system in an active seismic zone. StormPrism’s highly efficient seismic design combined with an emphasis on safety and maintenance proved the best solution for the project.

StormPrism’s robust structure provided the agency with a system that meets strict seismic codes while offering an internal void ratio of up to 96%. StormPrism’s column design creates a “cavernous” environment that promotes good ventilation throughout the structure. This open space design assures enhanced visibility for maintenance crews and offers an unrestricted line of sight to access openings. StromPrism’s flat floor removes any potential trip hazards and allows for crews and equipment to safely access all sections of the underground cistern. The internal joints can be made water tight eliminating the need for an external HDPE Liner.

Pre-Con Products’ NPCA-certified plant of Simi Valley, California, manufactured the modules using a high strength self-consolidating concrete (SCC) mix design, which assures superior consolidation of the concrete around the heavy reinforcing. The quality of the precast members assured a smooth inspection and final acceptance of the finished system.

StormPrism EQ looks forward to meeting the needs of the growing nationwide demand for storm water detention/infiltration. StormPrism is currently manufactured by Pre-Con Products in the Western U.S., and Foley Pipe and Precast in the Southeast U.S.