Oct. 1, 2009

Inlet Filter is a value-priced BMP for stormwater inlet protection during the construction phase. The versatile coir-fiber mat attaches easily to hundreds of grate styles, making installation quick and easy. Sweep the sides and top surface to maintain, even through standing water. Pads or rolls can be cut to size with a knife or scissors onsite for best fit and to allow overflow where regulations permit.


The ESK Koala is the latest in European Technology for high-efficiency oil/water separation offered exclusively by Environment 21 LLC. Through the application of coalescing media, the ESK has proven, under European DIN Standards for testing, to achieve 5-milligrams-per-liter effluent concentrations at flow rates in excess of 5,000 gallons per minute (gpm) in a single 10-foot-diameter precast concrete manhole, making it one of the most competitive high-efficiency oil/water separators in the country. For flow rates greater than 5,000 gpm, a system can be custom-designed.

Elgin Sweeper, the leader in environmentally efficient street sweepers, has introduced the Megawind combination leaf and debris vacuum and catch basin cleaner with an optional street sweeper system. The large, 12-inch leaf and debris hose system features an industry-exclusive articulated power boom with 180-degree rotation that is supported by a high-performance vacuum system and large-capacity debris body. The versatile machine offers impressive pickup performance and flexibility to easily handle everything from compacted dirt, gravel, sand, and bulky debris, to leaves and other smaller particles found in the street and in catch basins.

Pine Hall Brick pavers won in three out of four categories in the hardscapes division of the 2009 Brick in Architecture Awards. Pearl Brewery in San Antonio, TX, won Best in Class with a blend of Old Paver Series. Cliffs Cottage at Furman Greenville, SC, won silver, with an application of StormPave Full Range permeable clay pavers around the campus of the project. Kings Court (pictured), Haddonfield, NJ, won bronze with RainPave Full Range permeable clay pavers on an 11,000-square-foot plaza.

New BioCover Alternative Daily Cover is a cost-saving landfill alternative that is easier to apply than soil, tarps, or plastic daily covers. A hydraulically applied product manufactured from Thermally Refined wood fibers, BioCover combines cellulose fiber and a viscous hydrocolloid tackifier. It saves landfill space by increasing the surface bond to debris on the site, which ultimately lowers blowing debris and traps odors. It also provides a uniform layer between landfill waste and the surrounding environment, which deters unwanted pests. Environmentally safe and non-toxic, BioCover minimizes accumulated leachate pockets and is 100% biodegradable. It absorbs moisture, but allows for air and water infiltration, and, when compared to a thick soil cover, BioCover accelerates decomposition.

Drivable Grass is a permeable, flexible, and plantable pavement system manufactured with grid-reinforced concrete. It is designed for use in areas where a permeable and/or vegetated surface is required. Alternative infills such as pea gravel, bark mulch, or groundcover can be used instead of turfgrass. Examples of successful applications include vehicle parking areas, fire and service vehicle access lanes, stormwater management systems, vegetated swales, boat ramps, driveways, golf cart paths, walkways, and patios. Drivable Grass qualifies for numerous LEED credits.

New StormKlear LiquiFloc treats suspended sediment in construction stormwater and was formulated specifically to treat sediment that will not settle out by gravity alone. LiquiFloc uses a proprietary chitosan formula to coagulate suspended particles when added to untreated stormwater, neutralizing the negative static electrical charge on soil particles and reducing turbidity and phosphorous levels by greater than 90% when used with high-volume efficiency filtration. It is biodegradable, 100% PAM-free, environmentally friendly, and approved by many government agencies. LiquiFloc even has Conditional Use Level Designation with the Washington State Department of Ecology.

Vactor Manufacturing–the industry leader in sewer and catch basin cleaners–introduced a redesigned Vactor 2100 sewer cleaner for public utilities and professional contractors cleaning entire wastewater and sanitary systems. The new Vactor 2100 Plus features increased vacuum performance and improvements to operator comfort and control, air routing and filtration efficiency, and fuel efficiency. Smart Truck concept features have also been integrated on the new sewer cleaner, including internal monitoring systems that enable the operator to monitor and troubleshoot flow and pressure, blower temperature and oil level, drive system idle, and open vacuum relief.

Its lower profile and center of gravity make Vac-Tron’s new LP555DT easier to maneuver in tight places, and offers greater rearview visibility. One can tow it with a lighter vehicle, and it’s pressurized system standard. It includes twin 100-gallon saddle water tanks and hydraulically operated, full-open/locked rear door. There is also a Super Diesel (LP555SDT) option.

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Microplastics that were fragmented from larger plastics are called secondary microplastics; they are known as primary microplastics if they originate from small size produced industrial beads, care products or textile fibers.
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