Infrastructure Firm Global Road Technology Boosts Its Research and Development Division at Harvard University

July 14, 2014

BUNDALL, Australia, July 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Global Road Technology’s (GRT) new head of research and development is currently undertaking a sabbatical at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ““ MIT ““ as part of the firm’s aim to further establish itself as an industry leader in the infrastructure field.

Dr Babak (Mojtaba) Abtahi will be heading to two of the world’s leading universities as part of a month long research trip, where he will be working on further developing the soil stabilization and dust suppression product range used by the company to create “instant roads.”

According to GRT Director Ben Skinner the firm is continuing to boost its research and development division as part of its commitment to delivering safer and better roads worldwide.

“Dr Abtahi’s appointment is part of a range of investments we are making across the firm as we seek to strengthen our research division, to help us achieve our goal to be the global leaders in creation of better and safer roads,” Mr. Skinner said.

“His upcoming research trip will see him working with scientists from two of the world’s leading universities as they focus on creating a range of new polymer materials for GRT ““ the building blocks for our road building products and the finalization of pending patents for the company.

Critically they will seek to create material that is adaptable to any climate and able to withstand the harshest conditions, while ensuring that our products have a minimal impact on the environment.”

Dr Abtahi joins GRT from the School of Aerospace, mechanical and mechatronic Engineering, at the University of Sydney.

He was awarded his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sydney with his areas of expertise covering the areas of mechanical and mechatronic engineering, polymer processing and polymer characterization.

GRT has operations spanning North and South America, Southeast Asia and the subcontinent, with clients spanning the mining, government, oil and gas sectors.

Its ability to construct roads 75% faster than conventional methods using insitu material, which has significant cost benefits, whilst reducing the need for imported material ““ equating to a kilometre of road being built in 24 hours, as opposed to a month using traditional techniques ““ makes it particularly useful in remote areas and developing nations where it serves as a critical infrastructure bridge for isolated communities.

Global Road Technology is an international company that provides revolutionary solutions to create better and safer roads for people, industry and communities.

GRT technology and products solve road stabilization and dust control problems for all types of roads from major highways and freeways to haulage, industrial and rural roads, tarmacs, hardstand areas and water repellent pavements. GRT’s technology can be applied into clay, silt, sand and gravel materials to create instant, safer, and sustainable infrastructure.

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