Profile Products partners with Freudenberg on erosion control solutions

Dec. 27, 2023
Profile Products received exclusive rights to distribute turn reinforcement mats by Freudenberg Performance Materials in the U.S.

Profile Products announced that it has received exclusive rights to distribute Freudenberg Performance Materials’ Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM) and High-Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat (HP-TERM) line of products within the United States.

Currently marketed as Futerra and EnkaMat, the products are utilized to provide permanent erosion protection on challenging terrain.

“As long-time partners, this agreement is the next step toward mutual growth for Profile and Freudenberg,” said Adam Dibble, vice president of environmental solutions for Profile Products. “We’re excited to bring shared resources together to advance the industry toward newer and more sustainable practices.”

Profile Products has featured the product line as a replacement for traditional hard armor solutions such as concrete or rip rap.

“Our partnership with Profile Products will connect our best-in-class technologies with Profile’s industry leadership to better support our customers and our environment,” said Audrey Sanders, business manager at Enka Americas. “Pairing our TRM technology with Profile’s engineered growth media is the best means available to provide lasting erosion control solutions in the most challenging site conditions.”

The unique design of Freudenberg’s thermally fused polyamide filament web provides both the open space needed to establish vegetation and the strength to anchor the root systems, withstanding water velocities greater than 20 feet per second and shear stresses of 10 pounds per square foot.

Under this agreement, Profile will distribute the TRM product offerings in a variety of sizes, marketed as Futerra 7003, Futerra 7010, Futerra 7020 and Futerra R-45.