Erosion Control magazine has compiled a list of resources and information to help homeowners and others affected by the recent Jesusita Fire. Our offices are here in Santa Barbara, and several of us were also affected by the fire.

Why erosion control? Once the fire’s out, land that has lost most of its vegetation is very susceptible to soil loss. This is especially true in hilly or mountainous terrain. Rain can wash away large amounts of soil, which causes problems downstream—filling in channels and causing flooding, for example.

Common measures to prevent soil loss include putting up barriers to stop soil from moving, including silt fence, wattles, or sandbags. Mulch, straw, and tackifier or other hydraulically applied products can also help reduce erosion. The next step is to establish groundcover. For aesthetic as well as practical reasons, homeowners will want to preserve the soil on their property and get vegetation established as quickly as possible.

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Janice Kaspersen

Janice Kaspersen is the former editor of Erosion Control and Stormwater magazines.