2009 Photo Contest Winners

Sept. 1, 2009

IECA would like to thank those who submitted photos into the 12th Annual Photo Contest. Photos were on display at EC09, IECA’s 40th Conference & Expo, in Reno, Nevada, this past February. Attendees voted on their favorites, and featured here are the winning  photos in the Before and After category. Visit IECA’s Web site at www.ieca.org/photogallery/2009photocontestwinners.asp to view all of the EC09 winners and entries.

The entry deadline for the 2010 Photo Contest is December 31, 2009. Photos will be on display February 16–20 at EC10, IECA’s 41st Conference and Expo in Dallas, Texas, so submit your best entries at www.ieca.org  for your chance at fame.

Before-and-After Winners

First Place
Subject: Huge gully treated with erosion control blankets and a gabion for drainage
Photo taken and submitted by: Paula Pereira, Deflor Bioengenharia
Location: Minas Gerais, Brazil
Date/year: January 2006/May 2006

Second Place
Subject: Rocky slope where vegetation was established using substrate and wattles as support
Photo taken and submitted by: Aloisio Pereira, Deflor Dioengenharia
Location: Sao Roque, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Date/year: January 2006/May 2008

Third Place
Subject: Geogrid and erosion control blanket walls used to fix a forest road slope failure
Photo taken and submitted by: John Evans, NDC Timberland Inc.
Location: Raymond, Washington, USA
Date/year: August 2008/October 2008