Thirsty Duck Forges New Alliances

May 12, 2014

Trinity, FL (May 2, 2014) On the heels of celebrating their partnership with Canadian distributor John Meunier, Inc., Thirsty Duck, LP ( is announcing that their buoyant flow control technology products will now be available through three major U.S. manufacturing representatives: Heyward Incorporated of Virginia, Inc., Heyward Florida Incorporated, and William H. Reilly & Co., Inc., of Oregon.

“I like to think that these successes are directly related to our company’s dedication to producing stormwater solutions that are both scientifically viable and ecologically responsible,” says the company’s Chief Operating Officer, Jon Moody. “And it’s really an amazing privilege to get to work with companies as reputable as Heyward [Virginia and Florida] and Reilly, because they literally facilitate the evolution of industry standards through their work.”

“Absolutely,” Brian Shugrue, Thirsty Duck’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, confirms. “Each of these distributors has a long and successful history, and we couldn’t be happier with the opportunities that we now have to grow our markets together, in Florida; in Virginia, and; the Pacific Northwest.”

The enthusiasm associated with the newly forged alliances is reciprocal.

“Thirsty Duck is a proprietary technology that finally offers incredible potential as a solution to the non-point source pollution problem that we face here in Florida,” Greg Chomic, the Vice President of Heyward Florida Incorporated, states with notable optimism. It is a win-win product that offers us an incredible business opportunity, while saving our customers money and, more importantly, protecting Florida’s water environment.”

About Thirsty Duck, LP

Thirsty Duck, LP is the global leader in buoyant flow control, providing innovative products and technology to the stormwater industry. The company designs, manufactures and markets two lines of self-skimming, patented, floating outlets that have the ability to achieve nearly constant discharge, regardless of headwater depth. When sized to deliver the maximum allowable outflow rate, detention storage volume can be reduced by up to 50%, depending on site-specific hydrologic characteristics, analysis method and regulatory agency criteria. The excess system volume produced by the Thirsty Duck line of products can be utilized to meet client — or project specific– needs, such as providing additional water quality volume in environmentally sensitive areas; providing additional flood attenuation volume in flood prone areas, and/or; creating more buildable land when property size is limited. Thirsty Duck floating outlets and skimmers can be used in new construction or retrofit applications.