Tensar Boosts Local Commercial Resources

July 2, 2014

ATLANTA — July 1, 2014 — Tensar International Corporation, the global leader in geosynthetic site development technology, is pleased to announce an exciting change in its U.S. and Canadian-based commercial organization that will add local technical resources and expand support for Tensar’s broad portfolio of systems across its diverse customer base. This new organizational structure will help simplify and expand our engineering and project management capability across Tensar’s portfolio of site development solutions. 

Since 1984, Tensar has maintained a commitment to advance site development solutions and technologies that optimize performance and maximize customer value. Tensar’s technology for Pavement Optimization, using TriAx Geogrid to dramatically improve roadway performance, is driving a significant increase in demand for its roadway solutions. Additionally, a similar increase in demand has occurred with Tensar’s grade separation market including the Ares Retaining Wall System.

The increased demand for our solutions gives Tensar the opportunity to increase and align its diverse technical and commercial teams, bringing this design and contracting expertise to the customer’s doorstep. “As we create a powerhouse of local technical know-how, our customers will feel the additional support focused on generating unique, value-added solutions, especially in Pavement Optimization,” said Dean Ditmar, Vice President and General Manager of Tensar, Western Hemisphere.  “We also anticipate new opportunity development across all product lines and are pleased to be in the position to combine our commercial organizations to simplify and empower our local leadership to deliver value that supports our customers’ growth.”

About Tensar International

Headquartered in Atlanta, Tensar Corporation is a full-service provider of specialty products and engineering services that offer innovative and cost-effective alternatives to traditional construction methods. Tensar solutions are based on advanced soil stabilization and reinforcement technologies and incorporate engineered applications for commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential site development, and transportation infrastructure. The company specializes in solutions for common site development challenges including pavement optimization, grade changes requiring retaining walls and/or slopes, and poor soil conditions affecting the cost of roadways, parking lots and building structures. Tensar Geogrids, Tensar’s Geopier foundation piers, and various Tensar North American Green erosion control products are the primary components of the company’s systems, offering reliable strength and durability. Tensar’s value-added services include site evaluation, conceptual engineering, design, value engineering and installation advice. For more information, visit http://www.tensarcorp.com.