IECA-CISEC Online Training Modules

July 3, 2014

CISEC Inc. and IECA have developed a CISEC Inspector Online Training Program that emulates the existing in-person program and covers the same material. This four-module program is ideal for individuals studying for the CISEC Exam or seeking to expand their knowledge about inspecting construction site sediment and erosion control (S&EC).

CISEC Inc.’s president, Dr. Jerald S. Fifield, says that development of the CISEC training modules addresses a majority of inspector skills sought by the EPA and regulatory agencies throughout the United States and Canada.

“The purpose of this training is to provide an alternative to the in-person classroom experience,” says Russell Adsit, FASLA, executive director of IECA Region One. “Some people learn better in a slower-paced environment without the distractions of the classroom. If a topic is unclear, the student can go back and review at their own pace while any familiar topics can be reviewed quickly,” says Adsit.
What are the four basic modules of the CISEC Training Program?

  1. EPA’s Rules and Regulations
    “¢           Clean Water Act
    “¢           An Assessment of EPA’s Expedited Settlement Form
    “¢           Reviewing EPA’s 2012 CGP Requirements as They Apply to Inspectors
    “¢           Assessing and Understanding a SWPPP and S&EC Drawings
  2. Inspector Background
    “¢           Definitions
    “¢           Topographic Assessments
    “¢           A Primer on Hydrology and Sedigraphs
    “¢           Information about Polymer Systems
    “¢           Critical Inspector Background Requirements
    “¢           CISEC Code of Ethics
  3. Inspecting BMPs
    “¢           Understanding the Phases of Construction
    “¢           Inspecting Construction Site BMPs
    “¢           Writing and Assessing Inspection Reports
    “¢           Developing Corrective Action Reports
  4. Conducting Site Inspections
    “¢           Inspection Requirements and Responsibilities
    “¢           Report Requirements
    “¢           Virtual Inspection of a Construction Site

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