RoadBuilders Machinery & Supply Earns Dealer of the Year Award

Sept. 3, 2014

Fairfield, OH (August 29, 2014): FINN Corporation held its annual Dealer Sales & Executives Conference earlier this month in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Participants were treated to nearly two days of FINN equipment and consumables sales education, corporate strategies, equipment demonstrations and hydrodeo contest, plus a great amount of Dealer-to-Dealer and Dealer-to-FINN networking. As part of the conference, FINN recognized dealers with awards for excellence in partnership, leadership and growth based on their 2013 performance.

RoadBuilders Machinery & Supply Co. of Kansas City, Kansas was awarded its first FINN Dealer of the Year award. “RoadBuilders exemplifies everything that makes a business successful and we congratulate them,” says FINN Director of Dealer Development, Tim Gerbus. “A variety of factors go into the selection of this award, including percentage increase in sales volume, parts stocking levels, exceeding business goals, and others. RoadBuilders clearly worked hard and had a banner year in 2013. We are very fortunate to have them working with us to provide the finest equipment, products, and services to the end user.” In addition to this trophy, RoadBuilders Machinery was also named the FINN Consumable & Mulch Dealer of the Year. RoadBuilders Machinery sells, rents, and services all FINN equipment, including HydroSeeders, Straw Blowers, and Bark Blowers, plus they place a tremendous emphasis on the hydroseeding consumable and mulch markets as evidenced by the second award.

In other awards, the dealer of the year runner-up was, a perennially top performing FINN dealer who covers the New England area. James Loneman was recognized for his outstanding performance in working with his dealers as a FINN Distribution Sales Manager. The Dealer Advisory Council, a five member group of elected dealer representatives who act as a liaison between the dealer network and FINN Corporation, were also given special recognition for their hard work and dedication.

The Dealer Advisory Council held an election through the dealer network, and as voted on by the dealers, Tim Gerbus, FINN Director of Dealer Development, was given the Jerry Malcolm Dealer Choice Award. It recognizes a FINN employee who provides exceptional service and commitment to the dealer network.

The dealer network also gave commemorative gifts to FINN Sales Administrator, Ed Karendal, and FINN CFO/Executive Vice President, Tom McDonald in appreciation for their years of service as both will soon be retiring. Karendal has been with FINN for 30 years and McDonald more than a decade.

About Finn Corp.

FINN Corporation is a Cincinnati-area based company that was started in 1935 by Charles Finn. When he invented the first HydroSeeder in 1953, Finn set the company on a course of innovation that continues to help landscapers and contractors get more productivity while cutting labor and material costs. Today, FINN continues building on this foundation and strives to make every FINN machine a smarter way to work.