Environmental Connection 2015 Mini-Preview

Sept. 4, 2014

IECA is gearing up for another exceptional Environmental Connection-this time in Portland, Oregon. That’s right-we’re headed back to the West Coast!

IECA just completed its annual call for presentations and is looking forward to new presentations from fresh presenters and seasoned veterans alike. Save the dates of February 15-18, 2015, for Environmental Connection 2015 where we will be co-locating with Industrial Fabrics Association International’s (IFAI) Geosynthetics 2015.

Some Presentations Include…

Environmental Leadership Through Collaboration: Applications for Stormwater Practitioners
Presented by Barry Fagan and Jesse Poore
Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less, and influence and connection have never been more available to us or expected from us. Collaboration or choosing to explore solutions together is bringing increased efficiency, effectiveness, and opportunity to communities, organizations, and projects. In this interactive workshop Jesse Poore and Barry Fagan, two recognized collaborative leaders, will explore the topic of leadership through collaboration. The session will apply principles of collaborative leadership to current issues facing stormwater practitioners.

Kayaking in Portland
Portland’s nighttime comes to life.

Navigating Stormwater Compliance with Budgets, Schedule, and Solutions
Presented by Mary Larsen and Jennifer Hildebrand
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…this course will provide you with a Stormwater Permit Overview with real-life compliance violations, how to avoid violations, how to evaluate your specifications, scheduling, budgets, and cost-effective construction strategies for your success. We’ll dig into inspections, monitoring, and reporting documentation with the newest tools and BMPs. Then we’ll summarize the day with a hands-on design, budget, and build your own stormwater project. This is perfect for everyone in the stormwater industry!

About the 2015 Co-located Conference
Environmental Connection 2015, the world’s largest soil and water event, will be bigger and better than ever by co-locating with IFAI’s Geosynthetics 2015.

Shared Expo
With a shared expo hall at the Oregon Convention Center, expect an even more exciting and interactive two-day exhibit.

Shared Education
How could we forget education? Attending IECA’s Environmental Connection 2015 means you can attend any Geosynthetics 2015 sessions February 16-18. Leave Portland with a well-rounded skill set that helps you find solutions and knowledge to do your job better and to succeed in your professional career.

Shared Networking
As always, we have numerous networking and social opportunities so you can make connections with future clients or even connect with potential employers/employees as always-now times two! Make new connections and partnerships that can benefit you now and into the future.

For the latest information about Environmental Connection 2015, visit www.ieca.org/conference.