Bio Clean, Modular Wetlands, and StormTrap Introduce New Partnership

Nov. 6, 2014

OCEANSIDE, CA., November 5, 2014 – Bio Clean & Modular Wetlands, pioneering companies in stormwater treatment filters, announced today that they have entered into a partnership with StormTrap, LLC, a leading innovator and provider of stormwater management systems.

 The partnership extends StormTrap’s offerings to include Modular Wetlands’ & Bio Clean’s water quality product line.  In addition, Bio Clean & Modular Wetlands will have access to StormTrap’s stormwater retention and detention products. This strategic agreement is part of the companies’ commitments to continually provide innovative, sustainable solutions to manage stormwater responsibly and efficiently.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Modular Wetlands & Bio Clean,” said David Plummer, President of StormTrap, LLC.  “This agreement joins key industry leaders in water quality and storage to offer a complete solution for stormwater management and will further strengthen our presence in the stormwater industry.”  Greg Kent, President of Modular Wetlands & Bio Clean commented, “Each company benefits immensely from this partnership, and those advantages obviously extend to the designers and contractors, who will experience even more versatility and convenience.”

About StormTrap

StormTrap, LLC, is a leading provider of stormwater management systems for sustainable land development. The company’s precast concrete modular retention and detention systems can be customized to fit the jobsite parameters of any project. Headquartered in Illinois, StormTrap facilitates low impact development goals for sites across North America and Australia.  For the complete line of StormTrap’s stormwater products, including stormwater treatment, rainwater harvesting, stormwater infiltration and detention systems, please visit

About Modular Wetlands & Bio Clean Environmental

Modular Wetlands specializes in horizontal flow biofiltration technology which is emerging as the superior alternative to typical downward flow bioretention systems. The flagship product, MWS Linear, is a highly efficient system with minimal maintenance costs. Bio Clean Environmental offers a full line of proven stormwater treatment technologies including pre-treatment and media filtration solutions.  Discover each innovative product at and