Fecon acquires TREEfrogg LLC

Nov. 3, 2023
Fecon will rebrand TREEfrogg’s patented tree trimming saw attachments as Trim Ex, expanding its right-of-way clearing solutions for forestry mulching and vegetation management.

Fecon LLC, a global manufacturer of heavy-duty site preparation attachments and forestry accessories, announced that it has acquired TREEfrogg LLC, a manufacturer of tree trimming saw attachments for skid steers and compact track loaders.

The acquisition expands the right-of-way clearing solutions offered by Fecon in the forestry mulching and vegetation management industry.

“We are excited to add the TREEfrogg trimming saws to the Fecon line,” said Jeff Stanley, Fecon’s senior vice president of product development. “This addition expands the offering to our agricultural, rural and DOT customers, giving them a productivity-enhancing solution for selective tree trimming.”

Designed to fit small to midsize carriers, TREEfrogg’s patented tree trimming saws allow landscapers, landowners and DOT’s to perform tree maintenance with machines they already have. Fecon will rebrand the saw attachments as Trim Ex.

The attachments offer a solution for tackling overhanging tree limbs and other vegetation along easements, right-of-ways, roads, fence rows, paths and other applications. Cutting faster than a chainsaw bar, the Trim Ex 26S saw attachment features a 24-inch carbide-tipped forestry blade that spins at 3,000 rpm and operates with standard flow machines between 10 gpm to 27 gpm with no high flow needed.

The operator hydraulically rotates the saw head from the cab as much as 180 degrees to optimize the cutting angle and increase productivity. The boom telescopes to 18 feet total length, which provides a working height of 26 feet. Combined, the high-speed saw, rotating head and telescoping boom allow the operator to make continuous, clean cuts from one machine position.

By eliminating the need for chainsaws, bucket trucks or otherwise expensive, dedicated machinery, the Trim Ex 26S attachment can reduce the labor of tree trimming. The attachment’s low maintenance is another cost-saving factor, as it does not have loose chains or require any bar oil for lubrication. Additionally, no operator components are near the actual cutting apparatus and the assembly allows the operator to trim from a distance safely inside a cab.

A smaller saw attachment, the Trim Ex 18C, can fit on skid steers with a 1,300-pound rated operated capacity. Compact in size, the Trim Ex 18C takes up as little as four inches on the front of an equipment trailer and the boom can be straight, offset to the machine side or folded for transport.

The tree trimmer requires 10 gpm auxiliary flow and has a 10-foot forward reach with an 18-foot working height. Fecon also partnered with the founder of TREEfrogg to develop and design a dialectric saw attachment, the Trim Ex 26D, which offers added safety when trimming trees around power lines. It is also lighter in weight than the 26S model.