‘Highly Corrosive Environment’ Lined by GeoTree’s GeoSpray HCE

Nov. 17, 2021

 New product developed for highly corrosive environments lines a 1,900 ft sewer

The latest product brought to market by the team at GeoTree Solutions is already proving its worth. The newly launched GeoSpray HCE, which is specifically designed for highly corrosive environments has been used to line 1,900 ft of 90” concrete sewer.

The aging infrastructure was showing signs of deterioration with spalling and exposed steel. Although not unusable, the asset owners decided to carry our preventative maintenance to ensure the deterioration did not worsen.

GeoSpray HCE replaces the previous system utilized for the rehabilitation of infrastructure that carries corrosive materials, GeoSpray AMS. That system saw GeoSpray installed and then a final sealant coating which made the surface impervious to corrosive fluids. GeoSpray HCE combines these two products meaning just one product needs to be applied at the required thickness.

GeoSpray HCE, which sets stronger than concrete, is also appropriate for use in areas storing or transporting industrial water, manholes, wet wells, wastewater, lift station tanks and containment areas (pH < 2.0 and high H2S environments).

GeoTree Solutions President, John Hepfinger explained the reason HCE was developed: “As part of our efforts to improve every day we are always looking for ways to make our solutions more impactful and contractor friendly. While AMS worked very well, our partners indicated they would like to get everything all in on package. HCE eliminate the second step required with AMS, saving on time and labor.”

GeoSpray HCE has received certification to German Standard DIN 19573 XWW4 which is the most widely recognized and strictly controlled testing protocol for sewer corrosion.

GeoSpray geopolymer is a fiber reinforced mortar that looks and feels like Portland cement, but with higher performance properties. Unlike other cementitious liners, the unique GeoSpray mortar chemistry provides superior flexural and compressive strength, as well as ultra-low porosity and high selfbonding which eliminates cold joints. GeoSpray geopolymer is intended for use through multiple application techniques including pouring, troweling, spraying, or centrifugal/spin casting.

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