Talking Under Water Episode 36: Trends in Sustainable Investment

Jan. 15, 2021

Podcast episode unpacks Lead & Copper Rule updates, Chesapeake Bay water quality updates & trends in sustainable investment


In this episode of Talking Under Water, One Water, One Podcast, hosts Lauren Del Ciello, Katie Johns and Bob Crossen discuss recent updates to the Lead and Copper Rule for the first time in 30 years and potential impacts on the water industry at large. The conversation also unpacks the recent Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s assessment of the State of the Bay, which declined slightly from 2018.

Finally, our interview this month is with Dorothée Chabredier, principal for Amane Advisors. Del Ciello spoke with Chabredier about trends in water investment, including an increased interest in sustainable investing. Chabredier explains the categories in sustainable investing, which have the greatest growth and how water businesses can optimize their business models to benefit from sustainable investing. She also shared her water wish list for 2021 and beyond.

Show Notes:


  • Cold Open: (0:00)
  • Host introduction: (0:27)
  • Lead & Copper Rule Revision: (1:30)
  • Chesapeake Bay health, and nutrient reduction and removal: (9:20)
  • Interview with Dorothée Chabredier begins: (13:56)
  • Increased interest in sustainable investing?: (16:05)
  • Growth in philanthropic investments in water: (21:30)
  • Optimizing water business models for outside investment: (23:12)
  • The importance of communication and transparency in the water industry: (26:06)
  • Looking forward to 2021 and what to keep in mind: (27:08)
  • Unpacking the interview with Dorothée Chabredier: (28:31)
  • Housekeeping: (29:40)
  • End: (32:12)


Call for Nominations:


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