Value of Water Series: Community Perspective with Milwaukee Water Commons

Oct. 23, 2020

In this special episode, podcast hosts share the third interview, focusing on the community perspective, in the Value of Water Series 

In this special episode of Talking Under Water, One Water, One Podcast, hosts Bob Crossen, Lauren Del Ciello and Katie Johns share the third interview in the four-part Value of Water Series. 

The series aims to share diverse voices and perspectives on solving water access, equity and affordability issues starting with the role of one water before digging into the utility perspective, a community group perspective and finally a perspective from the ground floor on water access. In this episode, Katie interviews Kirsten Shead and Brenda Coley, co-executive directors of the Milwaukee Water Commons.They talk about the efforts of the Milwaukee Water Commons and water equity in the city of Milwaukee and beyond.

The series will conclude next week, Oct. 30, with an interview between Lauren and Carmen George, research & MEQ manager for the Community Outreach & Patient Empowerment (COPE) program discussing water access. 

The TUW hosts are committed to elevating conversations surrounding issues of water access, equity and affordability and the role of one water in driving change. We encourage you to reach us at [email protected] to share your thoughts and start a dialogue.

Listen to the rest of the Value of Water Series:

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