University Chooses Permeable Pavers for Student Center

Aug. 28, 2015

Storm water management is sometimes where you end up at the last part of a project.

Take Furman University in Greenville, S.C.

Several years ago, the student center needed an upgrade.  Because more than 95% of the student body lives on campus, the student center is an essential gathering place. In good weather, the students have a tendency to go outdoors. 

A $6.75 million renovation kept that in mind. Today’s Trone Student Center includes Hill Courtyard, the Point of View fire pit and a boardwalk overlooking Furman Lake. Underneath it all, designers had to find a way to clean water before it got to the lake to meet increasingly stringent storm water regulations in South Carolina.

The answer was to install genuine clay StormPave permeable pavers made by Pine Hall Brick Co., the same ones that were installed at the university’s Shi Center six years ago.

The pavers blend in well where they are laid alongside conventional English Edge pavers, also from Pine Hall Brick Co., that were put atop a concrete slab there a number of years ago. 

The permeable pavers are atop a sand-and-gravel system that filters storm water before it reaches an outflow pipe that drains to Furman Lake.

“The whole 700 acres of the Furman campus goes to a number of different storm drain outlets, and a good bit of it goes to [the lake]. You have to clean the storm water before it gets there, ” said engineer Richard H. Kapp, whose firm, Professional Engineering Associates Inc. of Greenville, has long overseen construction of the student center at Furman.

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