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How can qualified inspector training help programs reach their goals?

April 22, 2024
Gain an understanding of qualified inspector trainings and how they play into the industry.
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National trends can bring funding opportunities and major regulatory changes to stormwater management at the state and local levels.

Dropping By #94: Emerging Contaminants in Storm Water

Oct. 31, 2022
This week on Dropping By, explore emerging contaminants in storm water and the challenges they pose.
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Stormwater Management

WEF names 13 winners of Municipal Stormwater and Green Infrastructure Awards

Oct. 6, 2022
The awards program, developed by WEF and EPA, honors MS4 programs for excellence in stormwater management, including exceeding permit requirements and sharing knowledge with the...
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Public owners and private developers often need a general strategy to assist prime contractors to achieve permit compliance.

Correcting Non-Compliance

Aug. 10, 2022
When a project falls into non-compliance, these field-demonstrated steps provide a standard approach that owners and developers can implement to restore permit fulfillment.

Using an Integrated Approach to Monitor Algal Blooms

Wichita Falls, Texas has found a comprehensive, cost-effective strategy for monitoring toxin-producing cyanobacteria that can harm water quality.
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EPA names new Chesapeake Bay Program director

June 3, 2022
Kandis Boyd, the EPA’s chosen new director, has several years’ experience advancing innovation in STEM fields.