Stormwater Plastics Pollution

Aug. 5, 2021

Interspersed with surprising details, this article is bound to make you stop and think. From microplastics to their larger counterparts, plastics pollution has become one of the biggest threats to the natural environment, and understanding the impact is the first step to implementing solutions to protect our waterways.

We compiled this shareable educational article on plastics covering a range of topics from microplastics in our food to stormwater solutions and legislation aimed to protect our waterways.

  • There are over 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic waste in our oceans
  • An average of 8.3 million tons of plastic waste is cast away into the sea each year
  • By 2050 there will be more discarded pieces of plastic in our oceans than fish
  • 90% of the plastic in the ocean is due to windblown waste from urban areas

Even though these estimates are freighting, and it is clear that plastics can make their way into the ocean in various ways, there is a bright side to the article. Fortunately, together, we have the power to help fight this pollution with sustainable stormwater solutions. Learn more.

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