Talking Under Water Episode 47: State of the Industry 2021

Dec. 17, 2021

Special podcast episode provides updates on the state of the water industry, featuring interviews from across the storm water, water quality and wastewater industries

Wrapping up 2021, Talking Under Water hosts Lauren Del Ciello, Bob Crossen and Katie Johns present the third annual special State of the Industry episode. The hosts touch briefly on the recent passage of the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act; however, the bulk of the conversation focuses on the State of the Industry. 

Del Ciello, Crossen and Johns each share key snippets and trends from their individual brands/markets (Water Quality Products, Water & Wastes Digest, Storm Water Solutions) regarding what they have been seeing through State of the Industry surveys and subsequent reports, which dive deep into the the wastewater, storm water and water quality sectors respectively. Finally, the hosts dig into a discussion on cross-sector overlap. In January, the podcast will be back with the regular format of news discussion plus a guest interview.

Show Notes:


  • Cold Open: 0:00
  • Host introduction: 0:46
  • Episode overview: 1:03
  • Bipartisan Infrastructure Law overview: 2:12
    • Municipal water and wastewater breakdown and headwinds: 3:28
    • Storm water breakdown: 4:41
    • Residential and commercial water breakdown: 5:33
  • State of the Industry overview
  • State of the Industry for Water Quality Products: 7:19
  • State of the Industry  for Water & Wastes Digest: 9:53
  • State of the Industry for Storm Water Solutions: 14:17
  • Supply chain disruption: 17:54
  • Staffing, recruiting and retention: 23:17
  • Funding, regulation, and permitting: 29:04
  • Inflation: 33:34
  • Housekeeping: 37:28
  • Outro: 39:05
  • End: 39:51


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