Underground Storm Water System Manages Parking Lot Concerns

Sept. 6, 2018

Located in Marietta, Ga., MiMedx is a biopharmaceutical company that needed additional parking to facilitate its operation. Based on its location in a fully developed commercial and industrial park, the only remaining land was a small, grassy area adjacent to the building. In order to convert this space into a parking area, the company needed to rely on an underground storm water management system to mitigate the additional runoff generated by adding an impervious area.

Traditional options, such as stone bed or arch systems, were not feasible given that existing utilities and communication lines crossed the area, cutting the underground landscape into multiple smaller areas. These constraints drove the designers to look for a product that could provide a high storage volume in a small footprint.

In addition to the need for a storm water detention system that could handle additional runoff, the underground system also needed to be designed for easy integration with a post-installation water treatment system. Therefore, high void space was required to retain peak runoff rates and slowly discharge it back to the environment. This capability would allow for a smaller, more cost-effective water quality unit, as smaller units have lower treatment flow rates.

Based on those considerations, the engineer and contractor on the MiMedx project opted to use Brentwood’s StormTank Module system. An initial design layout was drafted, including a structure within the center of the system that would connect it to the water treatment units. This design was presented to the StormTank team, and it was determined that a better solution could be developed. Therefore, the two teams worked together to redesign the system to incorporate two drainage ports directly into the units, thereby removing the internal structure and piping that could have complicated the installation and reduced the storage capacity.

Once the design modifications were approved, the StormTank team prepared layout drawings for the submittal process and also provided onsite support during the installation process in the spring of 2018.

The completed system features a total storage volume of 4,025.85 cu ft and complements the water treatment system. Together, they provide MiMedx with a convenient space for its business, enabling the continued development of products that can be used across health care sectors.




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