Flood Wall System Prepares Community for Heavy Rainfall

Sept. 6, 2016

In April and May 2011, Smithland, Ky., dealt with its most dire floods to date. In a short period of time, the community of approximately 400 people had to prepare for a record surge in river levels. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers contacted TYPAR to request the emergency installation of a Geocells/Defencell flood wall system.

Teams placed, connected and filled the systems, quickly installing protection equivalent to approximately 22,196 sandbags in three hours after the system’s delivery.

In the next few hours, more than 10,500 ln ft of flood walls were installed and more than 700 units were filled. Stacked two units high, the walls stretched more than 1 mile in length, which helped raise the town levee to meet the pending flood projections. This project represents the largest emergency installation of a Geocell flood wall system in the U.S.

In a short window of time, more than 4,700 tons of sand have been contained in the system. The system’s flexibility, ability to contour uneven ground surfaces, minimal preparation requirements, light weight and portability helped accomplish this.

These geocells are made in the U.S. They can be used to protect property from flood damage and meet local codes and state and federal regulations for sediment and erosion control.

Photo 32780306 © Mrtwister | Dreamstime.com
Photo courtesy New York City Department of Environmental Protection.
All photos courtesy of the City of Virginia Beach