Top Projects 2023: Flood-prone neighborhood upgrades stormwater management efforts

Nov. 21, 2023
Stormwater Solutions recognizes this year’s top stormwater & erosion control projects.

The Morningside Neighborhood in Edina, Minnesota, is one of the most flood- affected local areas with more than 100 homes with predicted flood exposure in the 1% annual probability event. To reach flood mitigation goals, the project team implemented enhancements, including reconfiguring a pipe and swale network, expanding and excavating existing ponds, and creating a pump station that leverages adaptive real-time controls. 

At the pump station there is up to 40 acre-feet of adaptative flood storage available for automated control. But that was not all of it. The project also included:
• Natural resources restoration in upland areas,
• Nature trails and bridge crossings at two locations at Weber Park,
• Improved pedestrian access to the park with ADA-compliant trails in Weber Park, and
• Rebuilt sports fields in impacted areas with new turf and irrigation systems.

The project team worked with many stakeholders to navigate the regulatory approval process.

The project was completed in summer 2023, and the system has had to engage in predictive pre storm pumping and holding of stormwater to improve downstream conditions.

"The creative reshaping of land, creation of a beautiful waterbody, restoration of native species, and use of real-time control technology to enhance the flood benefits let the project team squeeze as much flood risk reduction value out of limited space as pos- sible," said Ross Bintner and Cory Anderson from the project team. "The project is a first of its kind for the city, and more flood risk reduction efforts are planned and underway.”

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