Tampa, Florida, receives federal funding for flood mitigation project

April 24, 2024
The $1 million in federal funding is meant to help pay for a stormwater pipe to help mitigate flood risk.

The City of Tampa, Florida, will receive nearly $1 million in federal funding to be used for a South Tampa stormwater project.

The funding was secured with help from Representative Kathy Castor. The announcement was made on April 3, 2024, by Castor, who was joined by the Mayor of Tampa, Jane Castor.

The Castor’s, who are not related, announced $959,752 in federal funding that will help pay for a new stormwater pipe along a portion of South Manhattan Avenue in Tampa.

It’s stated in a press release from Tampa that the residential area is highly urbanized and doesn’t currently have a stormwater system—resulting in frequent and dangerous flooding. Spring marks the start of hurricane season for the area when frequent rainfall is expected. 

The pipe is part of the Manhattan Stormwater Project, which consists of a new stormwater pipe that’s just under a mile long. This pipe will help drain stormwater from the area to the basin. The project is currently in the design phase and is estimated to cost around $11 million according to the press release.

Work is expected to begin in late 2024 and be completed in spring 2026.