Harris County, Texas, provides update on stormwater project

May 7, 2024
The Harris County, Texas, Brookglen Stormwater Detenion Basin will eventually hold approximately 16.4 million gallons of stormwater.

Construction on the Brookglen Stormwater Detention Basin is anticipated to begin in Q2 of 2024. Phase 1 of the plan is for the North Compartment of the basin.

Harris County notified residents in a press release that they may begin to see increased construction activity in the area around the project. Access to the construction area will be via Spencer Highway to Somerton Drive to Beechaven Road to Gladwyne Lane in the Brookglen Subdivision.

According to a press release, the project will help reduce flooding risks in the Brookglen Subdivision by safely storing excess stormwater during heavy rain events and slowly releasing it back to the Armand Bayou when threat of flooding has passed.

Once completed, the North Compartment Basin will provide approximately 16.95 acre-feet of stormwater storage, which equals about 5.5 million gallons.

Construction of Phase 1 is expected to be completed by Q1 2025.

The whole project will be completed in two phases and is comprised of two compartments. The first phase is the north compartment, and the second phase is the south compartment.

When both compartments are complete, the Brookglen Stormwater Detention Basin project will provide approximately 50.40 acre-feet of stormwater storage, which equals about 16.4 million gallons.