Windsor Township, Pa., Lines Pipe for Sewer System Longevity

Sept. 7, 2016

Jeremy Trout, director of public works for Windsor Township’s public works department in York County, Pa., chose to protect and extend the service life of new assets while rehabilitating sections of old infrastructure.

In 2013, the township began its $12 million Panorama Hills Interceptor Venture project. This project accommodates sewer and water service for a planned commercial/residential development in an area of the Kreutz Creek Valley called Panorama Hills. The project required the installation of 2.5 miles of gravity sewer main running to the Panorama Hills pump station, which is a combination of 8-, 15-, 18- and 21-in.-diameter pipe.

The township also needed to upgrade the same length of 16-in. force main running out of the pump station, which would be laid parallel to the gravity line, 8 ft apart. Stubs for commercial properties, 26 laterals for several residential homes and 58 manholes also would be constructed.

The aging and already undersized pump station was abandoned, and its replacement was built across the street with a capacity of more than 1 million gal per day. One large wet well was partitioned so one side could be shut off for cleaning and repairs without having to close the whole station.

To ensure these 24-by-12-by-11-ft rectangular wells would last, they were lined with Sprayroq Spraywall to the waterline, then with Sprayshield Green above that. This work was performed by the project’s general contractor and the area’s Sprayroq Certified Partner, Abel Recon of Mountville, Pa. Trout also wanted Spraywall liner in the new manholes for protection and structural enhancement. Several bypass and pressure vaults—averaging 12 by 10 by 8 ft—on the force main were injection pressure grouted, then sprayed with 125 mils of Sprayshield Green.