Photos courtesy Oakland County, Michigan.

Oakland County, Michigan partners with SewerAI to enhance inspections

Nov. 2, 2023
Oakland County is partnering with SewerAI to implement AI software to assess pipe conditions, optimizing the inspection process.
Stormwater Management

2 Million Gallons of Untreated Wastewater Spill Into Des Moines River

March 29, 2022
The flow through the pipe was repaired within the hour, but then a pump station several blocks away overflowed into the river
Stormwater Management

Storm Water Plan Proposed for Lake Te Koo Utu

March 24, 2022
Sources of contamination in the lake include: oil, petrol, zinc and rubber from cars. 

Tuscaloosa Airport Storm Water Sinkhole Problem Solved

When sinkholes began to develop along the outer edge of the safety area for the main runway at the Tuscaloosa Regional Airport, the city took action to save the airport, prevent...
Erosion Control

Textbook Rehabilitation of a Culvert Using GeoTree GeoSpray®

Feb. 17, 2022
GeoSpray Geopolymer Installation Project Overview Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services perform regular inspections on their assets as part of a larger campaign to rehabilitate...


Feb. 17, 2022
The GeoPlug® water-stop is a rapid setting water infiltration patch. It is designed to quickly fill, plug and restore blemishes in host pipes during or prior to rehabilitation...